Brazilian Micro Bikini

A lot of wonderful things come in micro. Micro phones, micro waves, and of course, bikinis. The Brazilian micro bikini in particular has caused lots of controversy since it first appeared on beaches around the world.

What makes a micro swimsuit?

Practically nothing! That's definitely the point. More conservative swimsuits exist for those that desire them, but many designers today are taking it to the extreme when creating these barely-there suits. There really aren't any rules as to what materials can be used, or how opaque they have to be. In fact, some are even transparent, or see thru. Talk about your all-over tans!

Should I get one?

Sure! Just make sure you're looking your best, and maybe work in a Brazilian bikini wax. Shopping online is a great option once you know your size, because there are literally thousands of specialty bikini stores all clamoring for your business. Not to mention potentially millions of styles and colors to choose from.