Brazilian String Bikini

Feeling adventurous? The Brazilian string bikini might be just what you're looking for. But be forewarned: they don't call them string bikinis for nothing!

What we know as the modern bikini dates back to 1946 and a French engineer Louis Reard in 1946. Today, we leave the bikini design to qualified fashion designers, but those were different times. The bikini is named for the Bikini Atoll, the site of nuclear tests. Reard reckoned that his invention would have a similar effect to an atomic explosion, and he was right! Even today, our elected leaders regularly debate legislation on how small a swimsuit has to be before it's "too small".

This bikini is all held together by (strangely enough) strings that are often only a few centimeters wide. Needless to say, only women who are extremely comfortable in their own skin wear a swimsuit that covers so little. The effect is smaller tan lines and a sexier look. Care needs to be taken when washing these swimsuits, since there isn't much to them. Hand washing in very mild detergent is always best. Washing machines can potentially damage a string bikini, stretching it to the point where it's useless. After washing, hanging your swimsuit up to dry is your best bet. It does take a little longer, but again, commercial clothes driers will stretch and heat your suit to the point that it generally falls apart.