Brazilian Bikini Fashion

With all of the different styles available, Brazilian bikini fashion has come a long way. No matter what your personal tastes, there's probably at least one of these swimsuits that fits your personal style to a tee.

Many women like to take it one step further and go from simply wearing bikinis to modeling them. There aren't a whole lot of fashion shows strictly for bikinis, but many big-name clothing manufacturers also have swimsuit lines, and of course they need to show them off. Here are a few tips you can use to break into the exciting world of bikini modeling.

Diet and exercise

Obviously if you're going to be prancing around in a swimsuit in front of a camera all day, you'll want to look good. Unfortunately there are no shortcuts to fitness other than through a strict diet containing lots of fresh fruits and vegetables along with lean protein like poultry and fish, as well as getting plenty of exercise. You don't necessarily need to join a gym to get fit, but it might help to have that extra motivation that a personal trainer at the gym can provide.

Your portfolio

Every model needs a portfolio. Your portfolio shows your professionalism and how well you photograph, both very important things when it comes to bikini modeling. Having your brother take a bunch of pictures with his instamatic camera is probably not the way to go. A professional photographer who has worked with bikini models in the past will be more professional, and since he or she will have experience in the genre, they can help you look your best, which can translate into getting hired.